Andhra Pradesh: Police organize sporting events to counter cockfight | Vijayawada News

VISAKHAPATNAM: Police try to distract youth and villagers from cockfighting by hosting various games even as cockfight organizers are busy setting up cockfighting arenas, auctioning gundata ( games) and sell alcohol at various locations across the state.
Bridges were almost cleaned up for cockfighting across the state as many politicians reportedly gave a green signal to not only host cockfights but also various game activities at cockfighting sites.
According to punters, the bets are higher this time around than in the previous two years. It can cross Rs Rs 400 crore compared to Rs 250 crore to Rs 300 crore last year.
“Large arenas have already been set up in various places in Godavari and Krishna districts, in addition to Vizag, Prakasam, Guntur and Nellore districts,” says a punter from West Godavari district.
Cockfighting would only take place in a significant way in the districts of Godavari and Krishna.
Despite all this, cockfighting continued throughout the three days of Sankranti.
West Godavari Police have already tied up more than 3,700 people and seized 4,117 cock knives (to be attached to roosters’ legs during fighting), in addition to notifying 355 people involved in cockfighting in recent years. .
“We have already put the teams to work. Joint teams are in a hurry to act. Our teams are focused on selling aracks, lodges and hotels, ”Rahul Dev Sarma told TOI West Godavari SP.
“We promote sports such as volleyball, cricket, kabaddi and others under the ‘Sampradaya Sankranti Kreedalu’. The women constables sensitize the women of the villages, ”said East Godavari SP M Ravindra Babu.
Police in the East Godavari district have already destroyed 35 large arenas prepared for cockfighting. They seized 4,950 rooster knives and more than 2,500 people were tied

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