As elections for clubs and sports federations approach, former sports ministers return to the spotlight


A few days before the Egyptian elections for sports clubs, federations and the Olympic Committee, scheduled for next December at the latest, the former sports ministers have returned to the forefront as they sought to stand for election.

Taher Abu Zaid reportedly intends to run for President of Al Ahly SC or Al-Shams SC, Khaled Abdel Aziz for President of Zamalek or Shooting Club, and Hassan Sakr for Zamalek or the Egyptian Olympic Committee, who have all been Sports Ministers.

However, they are currently potential candidates for the election, and none of them have officially announced their participation in the electoral process.

At the same time, Ashraf Sobhi, Minister of Youth and Sports, revealed some problems linked to elections within sports bodies, be they federations or clubs.

The elections are to be managed by the Supreme Judicial Committee which was formed during the last period under the leadership of Abdo Hassan Attia, with the composition of a group of advisers, judges and specialists.

Sobhi stressed that the ministry stands at the same distance from all candidates in all sports federations. He added that the ministry does not intervene in any way to favor one person over another, and that its role is only to create a good climate and ensure the integrity of the electoral process.

The Sports Minister indicated that the regulations and laws of the electoral process guarantee the complete impartiality of all candidates, and that there are many steps that precede and follow the electoral process to guarantee all rights. He expressed his hope that the next elections will produce the elements capable of leading the sports scene in Egypt.

He added that the ministry had responded to the recommendations of the Supreme Judicial Commission to make changes to the regulations governing the electoral process to ensure its impartiality and integrity. He noted that the committee will also oversee the procedures of the general assembly of clubs.


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