Baltimore Orioles News: Spenser Watkins has new turf and the organization has the second-largest bonus pool in MLB draft history!


Finally, there’s some good news to report about the Baltimore Orioles, with Maryland fans still perhaps feeling a little down that star pitcher John Means won’t be available for the remainder of the MLB season. 2022, and probably won’t be seen. on the mound for about 12 months, at the bare minimum.

As widely documented, the pitcher had to undergo Tommy John surgery on his left elbow, and although the operation proved to be a success, the recovery time is usually around a year, while returning to his true effectiveness takes a little longer than he and others hope it does.

Still, with everyone having to do their part to try to step up and fill the gap that Means has undoubtedly left, it’s clear that some people have been working hard over the past few weeks to try and make a difference no matter what which had unfolded. However, this work may become even more important than some initially imagined.

Spenser Watkins has added a new slider to his repertoire

Spenser Watkins will likely become quite a big figure for the Baltimore Orioles in the weeks and months to come given Means’ absence, hence the decision he made to try and add some new ground to his directory could pay off for everyone involved.

The right-hander decided to add a slider to his throwing arsenal, and while it’s an incredibly difficult skill to master, the fact that he was apparently able to add it at the very start of the season is all the more impressive.

He had a four-pitch mix last season when he appeared in all 16 games he played, however, Maryland fans will thank Watson and pitching coach Chris Holt for being able to incorporate the slider into his game. .

Watkins revealed, “The slider has been fairly new for two weeks. [It’s] something that our pitching coach Chris Holt brought to me as an idea. We had messed around with some thoughts last year on this. We were working on adding the change and everything last year so once we got to a point where we felt it was a good addition we stretched to see if we could get the ball moving a bit in a different direction…then we could go east to west.

Indeed, while he didn’t look to take it out right away – perhaps with an element of doubt, fear or just a lack of confidence – Watkins is now using it to his advantage. He remains cautious with him, although that’s only natural given how new he is. Still, it wouldn’t be a surprise if we saw more of him as the 2022 MLB season progresses.

Of course, the 6-foot-2, 185-pound right-hander is looking to make a name for himself in professional baseball, while also making a name for himself in Maryland. And that’s something the fans are certainly hoping he can do as they’ll be looking for players they can bet on to help improve the organization in the weeks, months and potentially years to come.

With a host of upcoming sports betting sites in Maryland being made available to bettors within the state’s borders, there will be more and more eyes on what the Orioles are capable of. do, especially since they are without means for the rest of the campaign.

Still, while Watkins’ slider might be a good thing to potentially bet on, some will be interested that the team also has a number of other prospects who could influence the outcome in the future.

Speaking of reinforcements, the pitcher also talked about top prospects Adley Rutschman and Grayson Rodriguez, with the former highlighted as being incredibly impressive to Wakins during the time they’ve known and played together, especially after spending time in the Triple. -A and spring training.

“He’s an absolute sponge. He soaks up all the information he can get from us, other catchers, things like that,” he said. game behind the plate. It’s pretty amazing and it’s fun to watch.

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The Orioles have the second-largest bonus pool in MLB draft history

The 2022 MLB Draft could still be a few months away, it is expected to take place between July 17 and July 19, 2022, in what will be one of the biggest weekends in sports, however, it looks like the Orioles of Baltimore received a huge boost yet again.

As we know, the Maryland-based franchise already has the No. 1 pick in the upcoming draft, however, now they can add it to the fact that they will have the second-largest bonus pool in draft history.

This year’s top pick will have an assigned value of $8,842,200, which is only behind the $9,015,000 of the Phillies’ No. 1 overall pick in 2016 since the bonus pool era began in 2012.

The Orioles could have a potentially rewarding 2022 MLB Draft because they have picks they can make in each of the first 10 rounds. The value of those picks — including their own No. 33 pick and the No. 67 pick that was acquired from the Marlins after a trade involving Tanner Scott and Cole Sulser — adds a value of $16,924,000; an amount that trails only the Astros in 2015 and was worth a pool of $17,289,200.

Of course, the reason the Orioles were able to benefit came from the MLB and MLBPA decision to freeze the 2019 bonus slots for the 2020 and 2021 Drafts. of 5% for 2022 and should continue in line with MLB revenues.

Final Thoughts

Indeed, it looks like the Orioles could have a bright future ahead of them, but with an 8-14 record at the time of writing, they may want to try to translate this good news on the field in the future. very close.


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