Brian Daboll wants no one in Giants organization to rely on ‘built-in excuses’


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The Giants battled through various forms and modes of adversity to win four of five games. Their signature victory came on Sunday in London, when they erased a 17-3 deficit to beat Aaron Rodgers and the Packers.

Coach Brian Daboll helped spark the right start by eliminating the excuses.

“Whenever you have games like this people call them ‘built-in’ excuses and I don’t want anyone in our organization making excuses for anything,” Daboll told PFT by phone afterward. the game. “It’s not always about X and O. It’s about leadership, talking about resilience. This league will humiliate you very quickly. You get a two-fight losing streak and no one will be happy, and it starts with me.

When Daboll talked about eliminating excuses, it sounded like something he learned from his time with Patriots coach Bill Belichick. But Daboll already knew how to resist built-in excuses longer before meeting Belichick. For Daboll, “no excuse” was instilled in him by his grandmother.

It’s a great approach. This is the right approach. The norm is the norm, no matter what. No worries or moans or anything. Poor you. Shut up and do it.

We would all benefit from this attitude. That attitude helped the Giants battle through injuries and other adversities to get 4-1.


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