Foster welcomes government decision to allow sporting events


Berbice Cricket Board (BCB) Chairman Hilbert Foster welcomed the government’s decision to allow sporting events to resume during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, but warned that the virus remains a serious topic of concern. concern.

Foster made the comments following the government’s announcement of new COVID-19 measures that allow sporting events to be held once approval is sought and granted by the Department of Health.

“I am sure all cricketers and cricketers are enthusiastic about the government’s decision to allow the resumption of sporting activities subject to the approval of the Minister of Health. We have to remember that the COVID-19 virus is still a major problem in Guyana and our daily cases are still very high, ”Foster said via a press release.

Foster assured that all considerations regarding the resumption of his cricket at Berbice will be taken seriously and that all safety measures will be designed and implemented.

“The leaders of the Berbice Cricket Board would be very grateful to make a decision regarding the restart of the cricket season and would meet next week to make a decision. We would have to make many decisions to protect our players, referees and officials. A decision will also need to be made regarding the entry of spectators into the hall and social distancing in the pavilion, etc.

The measures, which were published in the Official Journal on Friday, will take effect from today until November 30, unless they are canceled, extended or amended earlier by opinion of the Minister of Health after a assessment of existing public health options.

All sporting activities in Guyana were halted in early March after the country recorded its first case and death of COVID-19. Gyms and all sports facilities have since remained closed and COVID-19 cases have since climbed to more than 4,000 in seven months with 125 deaths.


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