Galera.Bet unveiled as new sponsor of Sport Club do Recife


Galera.Bet was announced as the new sponsor of series A brazilian team Recife Sports Club, in a deal that was revealed yesterday during their game against Corinthians.

Following the deal, the brand’s logos will appear on the front of the Recife club jerseys for the remainder of the season.

Galera.Bet also revealed that the hosting and management of the betting platform will be done remotely. In addition, he will develop and manage an exclusive website for the Brazilian team, which will include other entertainment options. Leão fans will be able to choose the name of the sponsor’s logo by voting on a club website. The options will be Leão.Bet, Sportclub.Bet and MaiorDoNordeste.Bet.

A Galera Group representing said, “We are very happy with this trade agreement and we hope it will be a success.

The company also commented that the launch of its digital platform, slated for November 2020, will be implemented in three phases: first, fans will vote on the name of the platform, and then it will be shared on a responsible gaming campaign and the last step will be the launch.

“It’s a great joy to find such a great partner at a time like this. Our fans are very passionate, very active and involved in everything that revolves around the sport, so we hope it won’t be any different this time around. All the conditions are met for this association to work ”, added Milton bivar, president of Sport Club do Recife.

Currently, the sports betting platform also sponsors Cruizeiro and Corinthians. The latter will receive at least $ 7.4 million over the next five years.


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