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Two investment firms have partnered to launch a cybersecurity workforce accelerator focused on attracting and training cybersecurity professionals.

Houston-based private equity and credit firm GP Capital Partners has partnered with LP First Capital, a private equity firm with offices in Austin and New York, to form National Cyber Group. The new entity, headquartered in Washington, DC, will provide basic IT certification training, job placement resources, and more, according to a press release.

“There’s a need for 2 million cybersecurity jobs in the United States today, and most of them are entry-level,” says Gina Luna, managing partner at GP Capital Partners, noting that challenges within the industry include rapid global digitization. , technological barriers to training and increased conflicts of interest.

“The situation seems insurmountable unless cyber workforce development efforts – training and placement – ​​go beyond digitalization and global conflict,” she told InnovationMap.

Luna says this initiative is similar to the work she did with the Greater Houston Partnership in founding UpSkill Houston nearly 10 years ago. However, thousands of businesses and government entities still need well-trained entry-level cybersecurity talent.

National Cyber ​​Group differs from what else is out there in that it offers hands-on training at a low cost with its CyberNow Labs and professional development and job placement services into the equation.

GP Capital Partners’ investment included senior secured term debt and a direct equity investment. According to the release, these products, along with LPFC’s investment, funded the acquisition of the two companies – Total Seminars and CyberNow Labs – and positions National Cyber ​​Group to develop and scale the platform over the coming years. years.

“The formation of the National Cyber ​​Group is a direct response to the current cyber talent gap, and is the collective work of enterprising, mission-driven individuals who love America and have together taken the initiative to creating needed capacity at the national level, which also changes people lives for the better every day,” Gabe Schrade, managing director of LP First Capital, said in the release.

Luna says this is a huge opportunity for Houston as the city’s tech jobs continue to grow and the city continues to be a major hub for tech talent.

“There are many Houston businesses in need of qualified and well-trained cybersecurity analysts and many hard-working Houstonians who would find a career in cybersecurity an attractive path to better opportunities for themselves and their families. National Cyber ​​Group can provide both, which is definitely good for Houston,” she says.

Gina Luna, partner at GP Partners

Gina Luna is Managing Partner of GP Capital Partners. Photo courtesy


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