Kennesaw Parks & Recreation Receives State Parks and Recreation Organization Awards


The City of Kennesaw announced that its Parks and Recreation Department received the Class A District 5 Agency of the Year Award from the Georgia Parks and Recreation Association (GRPA).

The award was presented at the GRPA District 5 Banquet at the Kennesaw Recreation Center.

The city gave the following description of the award in its announcement:

“The GRPA District 5 Class A Agency of the Year Award recognizes exemplary agencies that provide services related to recreation, parks or recreation.

“Entrants are judged on staff development, staff involvement in park organizations, park facilities, new and outstanding programs, and major accomplishments in the past year.”

The press release also announced that three individuals from the Kennesaw Parks and Recreation Department received awards:

“Park Maintenance Supervisor Rolando Pardo received the GRPA District 5 Outstanding Facilities and Grounds Maintenance Award. Rolando has been with the Parks and Recreation team for 20 years.

“Laura Woolsey received the GRPA District 5 Administrative Assistant Award and Manager Steve Roberts received the GRPA District 5 Distinguished Professional Award.

“Steve has been with the department for almost four years and has led the team through many accomplishments including the addition of the inclusive playground and recreation center, updates to Depot Park and numerous pocket parks .”

The announcement included the following general information about the Parks and Recreation Department:

“The Kennesaw Parks and Recreation Department manages 112 acres of developed parks and recreation facilities, including three community parks, 15 neighborhood parks, a community trail and two buildings.

“The opening of the award-winning new leisure center in January has opened up new opportunities for the department and its offerings to the community.

Over the past year, staff organized 18 special events and created 20 new programs, including pickleball, volleyball, basketball, teen summer camps and after-school programs, sports clinics for special needs, cornhole tournaments and a senior lunch series.

About the Town of Kennesaw

The Town of Kennesaw was incorporated in 1887. With a population of 33,036 according to the recent decennial census, Kennesaw is the third largest city in Cobb County, behind Marietta and Smyrna.

The US Census Bureau gives the following fast facts about the city.

Town of Kennesaw, Georgia
Population estimates, July 1, 2021, (V2021) N / A
Population estimates, July 1, 2021, (V2021) N / A
Base of population estimates, April 1, 2020, (V2021) N / A
Population, percentage change – April 1, 2020 (base of estimates) to July 1, 2021, (V2021) N / A
Population, Census, April 1, 2020 33,036
Population, Census, April 1, 2010 29,783
age and sex
People under 5, percentage 7.4%
People under 18, percentage 23.3%
People aged 65 and over, percentage 10.3%
Women, percentage 52.2%
Race and Hispanic origin
White alone, percentage 61.7%
Black or African American alone, percentage(a) 23.4%
American Indians and Alaska Natives alone, percentage(a) 0.0%
Asian alone, percentage(a) 5.4%
Native Hawaiian and other Pacific Islander alone, percentage(a) 0.1%
Two or more runs, percentage 6.5%
Hispanic or Latino, percentage(b) 15.9%
White alone, not Hispanic or Latino, percentage 52.1%
Population characteristics
Veterans, 2016-2020 2,100
People born abroad, in percentage, 2016-2020 16.2%
Housing, July 1, 2019, (V2019) X
Rate of owner-occupied housing, 2016-2020 67.5%
Median value of owner-occupied dwellings, 2016-2020 $215,800
Selected median monthly costs for the owner – with a mortgage, 2016-2020 $1,536
Selected Median Monthly Homeowner Costs – Without Mortgage, 2016-2020 $433
Median gross rent, 2016-2020 $1,347
Building permit, 2020 X
Families and living conditions
Households, 2016-2020 13,030
Persons per household, 2016-2020 2.62
Living in the same house 1 year ago, percentage aged 1 year and over, 2016-2020 83.4%
Language other than English spoken at home, percentage aged 5+, 2016-2020 22.7%
Computer and Internet use
Households with a computer, in percentage, 2016-2020 97.9%
Households with a broadband Internet subscription, in percentage, 2016-2020 95.7%
High school diploma or higher, percentage of people aged 25 and over, 2016-2020 93.5%
Bachelor’s degree or higher, percentage of people aged 25 and over, 2016-2020 44.8%
With a disability, under 65, percentage, 2016-2020 5.3%
People without health insurance, aged under 65, in percentage 14.6%
In the civilian labor force, total, percentage of population aged 16 and over, 2016-2020 71.4%
In the civilian labor force, women, percentage of the population aged 16 and over, 2016-2020 66.8%
Total sales of accommodation and food services, 2012 ($1,000)(vs) 109,733
Total health care and social assistance receipts/income, 2012 ($1,000)(vs) 104,760
Total manufacturer shipments, 2012 ($1,000)(vs) 550 659
Total retail sales, 2012 ($1,000)(vs) 840 389
Total retail sales per capita, 2012(vs) $27,118
Average travel time to get to work (minutes), workers aged 16 and over, 2016-2020 34.2
Income and poverty
Median household income (in 2020 dollars), 2016-2020 $72,972
Income per capita in the last 12 months (in 2020 dollars), 2016-2020 $35,220
People living in poverty, percentage 12.5%
Total number of employing establishments, 2019 X
Total employment, 2019 X
Total annual payroll, 2019 ($1,000) X
Total employment, percentage change, 2018-2019 X
Total establishments without employees, 2018 X
All companies, 2012 3,908
Businesses owned by men, 2012 1,894
Businesses owned by women, 2012 1,651
Minority-owned businesses, 2012 1,337
Businesses owned by non-minorities, 2012 2,384
Veteran-Owned Businesses, 2012 341
Businesses owned by non-veterans, 2012 3,361
Population per square mile, 2010 3,155.1
Land area in square miles, 2010 9.44
FIPS code 1343192

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