Lakers rumours: Phil Jackson’s influence not welcomed by everyone in the organization – All Lakers


With conversations about who will be the next person to take on the role of head coach of the Los Angeles Lakers, many names have come up. Now many have also decided to pitch in and that includes iconic head coach Phil Jackson, according to The Athletic’s Sam Amick.

“The Zen Master matters again at Lakers Land. Such was the case last season when owner Jeanie Buss welcomed his perspective on everything from Vogel’s performance as a coach to Russell Westbrook’s difficult dynamic surrounding his struggles,” Amick said.

Phil Jackson was successful wherever he went, whether in Chicago or Los Angeles. That said, it makes sense that Jeanie Buss takes what he says into consideration. Amick went on to explain how, apparently, Phil Jackson’s opinion is not well received by some members of the Lakers front office.

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“Make no mistake, there are powerful people close to the Lakers who are not thrilled with the reality that Jackson’s voice is being considered when he has no official position in the franchise. Like it or not, however, Buss has relied on this kind of informal advice from people she’s trusted for years. This was Kobe Bryant’s case before he passed away and had everything to do with choosing to hire his former agent, Lakers vice president of basketball operations Rob Pelinka, in February 2017,” Amic said.

Although Jackson does not work for the Lakers, some members of the front office trust him. The search for a new head coach continues and the Lakers will most likely consider all possible candidates before making a decision.


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