Late Knights and Sports Club Council Bring Glow in the Dark Volleyball Knight | Life


Students standing in the glow of black light while warming up for a small game of volleyball on the RWC MAC gym grounds on Friday night.

The lights at the RWC multi-purpose pitches have gone out so that matches can begin. The black lights paved the way for students to participate in “Glow in the Dark Volleyball Knight” on Friday.

“I haven’t played a real volleyball game in so long, so it was really good to get back on the court,” said Alyssa Munez, a sophomore in engineering. “It was definitely the most fun volleyball game I have ever played.”

Late Knights and the Sports Club Council have partnered to host the Glow in the Dark Volleyball Knight event. The students answered or just showed up to play a game where there is a flying ball in the dark. The goal of the event was to be a fun way for students to meet and have friendly competition. All UCF students were able to participate in the party.

The event was not completely glow in the dark. Emergency lights in RWC multi-purpose activity grounds cannot be turned off.

“We did our best with what we had,” said Tyler Borges, Late Knight’s programming director. “We are also trying to organize this event in the spring. I hope we can have it in a darker place, like Lake Claire.

There were rods of black light on the floor in every corner of the room that illuminated the games in progress, as well as small lights scattered between the courts. There were two courts, and each game was played to 21 points, then the next game would start – after they had warmed up with the light ball, of course.

“I want all the events we do to shine if I’m being honest,” Borges said. “We have really been reduced because of COVID. A lot of our funding was cut so there wasn’t much we could do, but we are trying to have more events that will run late at night and end around 1am.

Students who just wanted to watch sat along the walls and tried to dodge wild bullets coming from the field.

“I’m a little disappointed that I didn’t get to play today, but I think it was just as fun to watch,” said freshman David Bradbury.

Bradbury and freshman chemistry student Leo Smith were just two of the plethora of students watching the event unfold. The MAC Gymnasium grounds have a scouting area located on the top floor, overlooking the action.

“I got a lot of laughs just watching them play. Watching people who don’t play volleyball play volleyball is hugely entertaining,” Smith said.

In the front left corner of the gym was a blue and green inflatable man usually seen outside car dealerships with “Late Knights” written on his stomach.

“I would definitely come back and play this event again,” Munez said. “I’m thrilled to actually see it in the dark.”


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