Launch of Texaco’s third “Support for Sport” club funding initiative

Former Irish rugby international, Donncha O’Callaghan has launched the Texaco Support for Sport 2023 funding initiative. For the third consecutive year, the program is now open to sports clubs across Ireland with a fund of €130,000 to distribute to 26 clubs on a county-by-county basis, with successful applicants receiving €5,000 in each case. (Photo: Justin MacInnes)

The Texaco Support for Sport fundraising initiative – which to date has seen €260,000 distributed among 52 sports clubs across Ireland – has been launched for the third consecutive year.

Under this programme, organized by Valero Energy (Ireland) Limited, the company that markets fuel in Ireland under the Texaco brand, a fund of €130,000 will be distributed to twenty-six sports clubs on a county basis, with successful applicants receiving €5,000 in each case.

Open to sports clubs in all 26 counties, regardless of sport discipline, size, membership, age, cultural appeal or gender (including clubs that may have already applied unsuccessful), the initiative recognizes and supports the valuable contribution that sports clubs make to communities and to Irish society as a whole.

After two years, the clubs that have received funding cover the full spectrum of Irish sporting activity. Among them were athletics, badminton, basketball, boxing, camogie, rock climbing, cricket, diving, Gaelic football, golf, handball, hockey, hurling, rowing , rugby, football and tennis.


In launching the 2023 programme, James Twohig, Ireland Operations Manager, Valero Energy (Ireland) Limited described the Texaco Support for Sport initiative as one that “opens a pathway to funding for the clubs and communities that need it the most. need”.

Referring to sports clubs as “the heart and soul of community life” in so many Irish towns and villages, Mr Twohig went on to say how happy his company is to provide “a new and important source of income for sports clubs, many of which have faced difficult challenges of one type or another in recent times.


Donncha O’Callaghan, Texaco Support for Sport ambassador, broadcaster and former Irish rugby international, is again leading the selection process. Commenting, O’Callaghan said the most encouraging aspect of the Texaco Support for Sport initiative is “the extent to which it is delivering much needed benefits to clubs when they are least expected”.

“Through this program, even the smallest and most remote clubs and minority interest groups have had access to the vital funds they need to develop facilities, grow membership and broaden their appeal within the community. their communities, at the local level,” he said.


Following lines similar to those that have proven successful over the past two years, the application process is now open online at where full details of the initiative and how it works can be viewed.

Clubs wishing to apply can first register their interest to follow, before the closing date, through a completed application which must include full details of their sporting activity, the importance the club holds in their local community, the purpose for which funding is sought and how it will be used.

A single qualification requirement is that applying clubs must be properly incorporated and provide confirmation of a valid Gaming and Sports Exemption Number (GS number) which has been issued by the Revenue Commissioners Office .

The deadline for submitting applications is January 31, 2023 and the adjudication will take place thereafter.


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