Listed by Mina Kuper – Mortgage and Organization – July 28, 2022


Host: Mina Kuper, real estate agent

Topic: Mortgage and organization

Guests: Richard Wang and Dina Braverman

Listed by Mina Kuper – Mortgage and organization – July 28, 2022

In this episode of “Listed by Mina Kuper” radio show, Mina welcomes Richard Wang and Dina Braverman to the show. Mina and Richard talk about increases in the federal funds rate, inflation and mortgages. They also discuss whether the market is a buyer’s market right now. Later in the show, Mina greets Dina Braverman. Dina is an organizer who helps people move and downsize. Dina also helps them sell their valuables, get rid of paperwork they no longer need, and organize paperwork they still have.

Listen to Mina, Richard and Dina discuss mortgages, moving and organizing your home.

To watch the podcast: Click here!

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About Mina Kuper, real estate agent:

“I’m Mina Kuper and I’ve been in real estate for over two decades in California and New York where I broker, through recessions and booms. Whether you’re in the search phase at the start of your real estate search or that you know exactly what you are looking for, you will benefit from having a real estate professional on your side.I would be honored to put my experience in real estate to work for you.Whether you are a first time home buyer. (Special Benefits for First Time Home Buyers) I am an expert in high end luxury estates with my team who just completed a $94 million sale, I am a Certified Trust and Probate Realtor , as well as a seasoned real estate agent specializing in divorce real estate matters.“Read more…

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