Local organization seeks holiday sponsors for adoptive children in Greene County


SPRINGFIELD, Mo — Ambassadors for Children provides many services to foster children throughout the year, including clothing, furniture, sports funding and other activities.

“Their parents are stretched to the limit when it comes to anything they provide for a family,” said Amanda Ingle, program coordinator at Ambassadors for Children.

She says that during the holiday season, the AFC relies on the help of sponsors and powerful volunteers like Anita King.

“It takes a lot to make sure we have all the presents for the kids. So it’s a behind-the-scenes job,” King said.

Nearly 700 Greene County kids have made their personalized wish lists, and you can be matched with one of them.

Once you’ve purchased the items on the child’s list, you’ll bring them unboxed to Ambassadors for Children on Battlefield Road in Springfield, or you can buy them online and have them shipped there.

“They won’t know who you are, but they have a feeling there’s someone out there who went looking for this specifically for me and cared enough to find it,” King said.

King says that for some, this may be the first time they’ve asked for something specific. And sometimes those items aren’t just a need.

“One of their requests was for new shoes because they’re homeless and haven’t had new shoes in years,” she said. “And you see older teenagers saying, ‘I would like cleaning supplies’ because they’re on their own. So it’s a gift to someone, but it’s also meeting a basic need.

King and Ingle say something small like a Christmas wish list is part of something bigger: AFC’s mission to make Greene County’s foster children feel like valued members of their community.

“If we can support them now, years later they will be your colleagues and neighbors,” King said.

The wishlist is around $100. December 7 is the deadline for filing. You can register individually or sponsor as a group. Contact Ambassadors for Children for all these details on their Facebook page or website.


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