Moncton Motor Sport Club encourages new racers


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There is a strong automotive community on the East Coast, and it is helped by grassroots groups like the Moncton Motor Sport Club which welcome newcomers and seasoned professionals.

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Based in a large population center in New Brunswick, the club regularly hosts autocross events in the parking lot of the Moncton Coliseum. The range of cars that show up to turn the laps is as wide as the day is long, ranging from a well-sorted 1969 Datsun 610 to recent models of Civic and the scattered Abarth. Thanks to the inherently distanced nature of motorsport, the crew were able to pursue events while respecting local health decrees.

“There is no doubt that we have had bigger crowds around our events last summer and so far this year,” said MMSC President Mike McCrea in an interview with local media. He went on to explain that after seeing increased interest from local gearboxes, the group decided to create a “beginners guide” to help drivers assimilate the basics of autocross and learn from one. experienced driver. They also have pre-event meetings for rookies or anyone who wants a little extra help to save a second or two of their time.

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All of this gives a refreshing take on the sport, given that power has a reputation for being a jerk magnet. According to the club’s website, they incorporated in 1963 with the main purpose of facilitating local motorsport events such as races, rallies and slaloms. Their events are run with a beginner in mind and are friendly to the spectators, which explains the growing popularity in these socially remote times. Participating in one of the club events is suggested as the best introduction to motorsport, as they do not require special preparation or equipment of the car; in fact, many participants compete in their family vehicle or daily driver with little or no modifications. If you’ve ever wanted to take the minivan on a cone-lined course, now is your chance.

Entry fees are kept at a nominal minimum cost, which also helps keep everything accessible to both the die-hard car nut and the casual fan. The next autoslalom event will be June 9 at the Moncton Coliseum, and a slalom course at Slemon Park on PEI. is scheduled for later this summer.


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