MoQ sporting events relieve kids of gadgetry


The month-long National Sports Day events at the Mall of Qatar (MoQ) have significantly helped to shift children’s interest from electronic gadgets and online games to sports and other recreational activities, said many parents. “Such initiatives, which we all know are good for the health of our children, speak louder than words. Since bringing my son here to play, he now prefers physical activities like crawling, jumping. and run as any mobile game at home, “Indian expat Sameer said Gulf time.

Sharan, a young visitor to MoQ, participates in many sports activities with other children. PHOTO: Joey Aguilar

A young boy tries to test his climbing skills. PHOTO: Joey Aguilar

The performances at MoQ captivate many visitors to the mall (photo provided).

In addition to being free for mall goers, he said, these MoQ activities are safe, healthy, and offer several prizes for attendees, making them more appealing to young children. What makes it more encouraging to take their kids to the mall, Sameer added, is the Doha Metro, which connects MoQ to and from Al Riffa station via the green line.
The MoQ has organized a variety of sports activities and challenges for different age groups, which began on February 1 and will run until February 29 as part of its celebration of National Sports Day. These include mini-basketball, soccer, track and field, and golf, among others. Several children also take advantage of the activity area of ​​the Anytime Fitness boot camp, which allows young visitors to play and test their physical capacities under the supervision of instructors.
“These sporting and fun activities absolutely help to slowly shift their focus from unhealthy to healthy habits,” said Mohamed, an expatriate from Egypt.
Due to regular sports and recreational activities, he said, he has seen how his friends’ children have changed their habits and become physically active despite the easy accessibility of smartphones, through which social media and games digital are accessible. “These kids like to cycle, jog and play soccer rather than playing mobile legends on their phones,” he said.
Mohamed hopes such efforts will continue throughout the year to motivate and inspire more children to get active. As part of the celebration of the NSD at the MoQ, live performances and shows such as “Zumba and Book Energetic Classes by Anytime Fitness” also attracted large numbers of visitors.
The young gymnasts of the Qatar Gymnastics Federation also captivated the audience on Friday with their skills and stunning performances on the Oasis stage.


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