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Are you lost in the flood of sports information in Reims? Every weekend, Sport Club brings together for you all the results of Reims clubs and athletes, in a clear and detailed manner:


  • Ligue 1 (9th day): Troyes 2-2 REIMS STADIUM
    Reims (17th, 7pts)
  • D1F (4th day): REIMS WOMEN’S STADIUM 3-0 Guingamp
    Reims (5th, 6pts)
  • N2M (6th day): STADIUM OF REIMS B 1-3 Metz B
    Reims (11th, 7pts)
  • N3M (5th day):
    – Tuna 2-1 EPERNAY
    – Schiltigheim 3-3 REIMS SAINTE-ANNE
    Reims Ste-Anne (9th, 5pts), Epernay (13th, 1pt)
  • R1M (5th day): CORMONTREUIL 3-2 Pagny/Moselle
    Cormontreuil (6th, 6pts)
  • R1F (3rd day): ST-MEMMIE 0-5 Charleville NACO
    St-Memmie (9th, 0pt)
  • R2M (3rd day):
    REIMS STE-ANNE B 3-1 Le Chesne
    – Réthel 1-1 CORMONTREUIL B
    Reims Ste-Anne (2nd, 9pts), Cernay (3rd, 6pts), Cormontreuil (9th, 1pt)
  • R2F (3rd day):
    – Montier-en-Der 1-6 REIMS STE-ANNE
    – Epernay 1-1 AVIZE GRAUVES
    Reims (1st, 7pts), Avize (6th, 1pt)
  • R3M pool A (3rd day):
    – Blagny Carignan 1-1 REIMS-NEUVILLETTE
    Reims Neuvillette (3rd, 7pts), Nord Champagne (4th, 4pts), Bétheny (5th, 4pts), Espérance Rémoise (6th, 4pts)
  • R3M pool B (3rd day):
    FISMES 1-1 Epernay FC
    TAISSY 3-1 Rethel B
    Tinqueux (2nd, 7pts), Reims Christo (3rd, 7pts), Fismes (8th, 4pts), Taissy (9th, 4pts)
  • D1 deaf (2nd day): Paris 3-0 CSS REIMS
    Reims (3rd, 0pt)


  • D2 (2nd day): REIMS METROPOLE FUTSAL 6-1 Bastia
    Reims (2nd, 6pts)
  • R1M (1st day): Charleville 7-8 WITRY-LES-REIMS
    Witry-lès-Reims (3rd, 3pts)


  • Footgolf cup (27th and 28th stage):
    At home, the REIMS CHAMPAGNE CREW FOOTGOLF made the number speak on Saturday and Sunday at the Bezannes golf course. A double stage which allowed the Rémois to accumulate a maximum of points for the general classification of the clubs. This Sunday is Quentin DEHEZ who, taking 6th place, was the best of Reims individually, with a card of -4, in the rain. Christophe DELISSUS and Florian WARSEMANN closely followed with a -3 card. Yohann GOUT and David Mercier also went below par (-1). In not really better conditions on Saturday, Aurelien CLOUET had finished the 27th stage in 5th position with a card of -3 under par, while Florian Warsemann entered the top 15 with a card of -2. Christophe Delissus and Gregory PILLIER concluded at -1. Note that Antonio Balestra won both events, with the added bonus of the circuit record (-9 under par). What cause a tightening in the general classification. The RCCF remains 4th but returns to 500 points from the podium, 1500 points from the lead.



  • Elite (2nd day): Beauvais 1-3 REIMS METROPOLE VOLLEY-BALL (18-25, 25-23, 18-25, 22-25)
    Reims (1st, 6pts)

  • N3F (1st day): Strasbourg 1-3 REIMS METROPOLE VOLLEY-BALL (25-18, 16-25, 23-25, 25-27)
    Reims (4th, 3pts)


  • N1M (9th day)
    THE RAPTORS OF REIMS 4-5 (ap) St-Medard
    THE RAPTORS OF REIMS 7-1 The test
    Reims (1st, 10pts)


  • French Cup (32nd final): Châlons 3-5 PHOENIX OF REIMS


  • N3F (2nd day):
    TAISSY 28-20 South Meuse Alliance
    – Rosieres St-Julien B 31-22 REIMS CH B
    Taissy (1st, 6pts), Reims B (6th, 4pts)
  • PNM (3rd day): Villers B 29-29 TAISSY
    Taissy (5th, 6pts)


  • Reims Triathlon
    After having organized his first duathlon, the REIMS THIATHLON STADIUM organized this Sunday its first triathlon in the Europe district in an XS form. Departing from the Thiolettes swimming pool before a cycling and running course which took the competitors to the Moulin de la Housse campus, it is finally Adam Fouchal, the home of the stage that won in the rain. Coming out of the water with Lucas Cambrésy, the youngest from Reims equalized the match on the bike before winning the sprint in the run. On his side Diego Fucho perhaps frustrated to have seen the podium also disappear in the sprint. With a good swim, the second classified Reims fell behind at the end of the bike, about fifteen seconds. Despite an excellent run, he finished 4th. Matteo RAULINE finished 7th and Liv JANSON-ALIBELLI 8th scratch and first female in front Floriane DEGUISNE.


  • Internationals of Reims Champagne (qualifications):
    Emmanuelle GIRARD (#9) beats Irys Ekani 4-6, 4-3 ab
    Elisabeth BRUTANE (Let, WC) defeated Anna Chekanskaya (#5) 4-6, 6-4, 10-7
    Cindy CASTILE (WC) beats Esther BATTLE (#12) 2-6, 7-6, 11-9
    Marie WECKERLE (Lux) defeats Alexandra Azarko 6-4, 6-4


  • suippase strides
    📆 Sunday October 2 (in Suippes)
  • Sedan-Charleville
    In gloomy weather, the 102nd edition of the traditional Sedan-Charleville was disrupted by rain. Nearly 2,000 runners still took the start in Sedans for the 23.6km which allowed them to reach the ducal square of Charleville, but the public was less numerous at the start because of the weather. Very quickly, in the rain therefore, an 8km group formed at the head of the race, with Hassan Chahdi in particular. The Frenchman then skimmed to reduce the group to 4 riders with three Africans and crossed the 10th kilometer in 31’40. The French accelerated as they entered Villers-Semeuse, never to be seen again. He won in 1h13’17, a short time with Florian GIRARD who finished in 4th position in 1h14’50. David DUQUESNOY also joined the top 8. Among the women, the former resident of Creps de Reims, Méline Rollin finished 3rd female and 1st regional in 1h25.


  • Youth Grand Prize:
    Young Reims Lorine Schild was in Gdansk, Poland on Thursday and Friday to compete in a new Junior Grand Prix. The opportunity for the resident to CPAR REIMS to confirm their progress. 5th after the short program on Thursday with 60.15pts, the Rémoise finally concluded the competition in a good 6th place after the free program, and a cumulative total of 179.00 points, further increasing its accumulation obtained in Ostrava at the beginning of September.


  • French Speed ​​Championships
    On the Paris 2024 Olympic swimming pool in Vaires sur Marne, the inhabitants of Rémois involved in the CNRR REIMS came back from these French sprint championships with great performances this weekend, at the end of a great season. Among the 1350 rowers and 95 clubs involved, 16 able-bodied rowers and 10 in para-rowing were present. The para section thus obtained 2 beautiful and expected gold medals in 4 sculls. Among the able-bodied, the men’s coxless 4 won the B final and finished 7th in the competition with THE BRANDS OF THE Dorian VINEYARD, Stanislas DESGRIPPES, Clement HEMERY and Rémi HULOT. Without Jeanne Sellier, the girls rode an eight led by Noémie SEPE among others, who finished 11th (5th in the B final). The master of the coxless pair composed of Florian BUSSON and Alexis CREVEL finishes 19th.


  • French Championships
    In Belfort, the REIMS OLYMPIC CANOE KAYAK didn’t make the trip for nothing this weekend. With three podiums for the Reims U21 boats involved and a gold medal for the team in the Coupe de France, the ROCK has confirmed its good disposition in the discipline at national level.


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