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Today I would like to highlight a wonderful organization right here in Auburn. Sports 4 All is dedicated to making sports accessible to all of our young people. One of its board members is an old friend, none other than Joe Mushock, a longtime Auburn coach and athlete who has spent his life teaching our kids local sports. The goal of this organization is to remove all financial barriers so that ALL of our children can experience the lifelong benefits of participating in sports.

Here you will find a wealth of information from the organization’s website, which is

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: If you or someone you know needs cleats, sports equipment or help with entry fees, please email [email protected] They look forward to helping you and your family!

If you wish to make a donation of equipment, several possibilities are available to you:

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1. Drop it off at the YMCA. In the lobby, there is a trash can labeled “Sports 4 All”.

2. Donations can also be brought to Champions for Life on Grant Avenue in Auburn.

3. Bring it to one of their giving events; the most recent was on September 12 at Clifford Park.

4. Email them at [email protected]

If you would like to make a financial donation, you can send it via PayPal to @sportsforall, or send a check payable to “Sports 4 All”, which can be sent to Belinda Tanner, Treasurer, PO Box 210, Port Byron , NY 13140.

You’re sure to recognize many local names here on their board: President Anne Mlod, Treasurer Belinda Tanner, Joe Muschock, Laura Pesarchick, Trevon Robertson, Jim VanArsdale.

Let’s all support this wonderful organization in any way we can to keep our children happy, healthy and busy learning sports, working as a team and learning lifelong skills!

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