“There hasn’t been a constant level of greatness… The Laker organization is a constant greatness”


LeBron James has seen his share of criticism throughout his career. Many, including former teammate Richard Jefferson, have spoken.

The LA Lakers are one of the legendary organizations in the NBA, perhaps the best sports organization due to their rich history. Because of this, there have been many discussions about how they were able to achieve the success they had.

On “Road Trippin’,” a podcast hosted by former NBA players Richard Jefferson and Channing Frye, the topic of being a great Lakers came up. As league fans, the two shared their former teammate’s ranking.

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“LeBron James hasn’t done enough as a Laker to make this list,” Jefferson said. “Bron’s here now – it’s the fourth season, right? They’ve been there four seasons. Two years they didn’t make the playoffs; one year they lost in the first round; and one year they won a championship.

“There hasn’t been a consistent level of greatness. Part of the Laker organization is consistent greatness. Not, like, oh, one year you suck; next year you suck.”

While it may seem harsh for Jefferson to criticize his former teammate, his reasoning is correct. The Lakers had a championship season, a mediocre season and two dismal seasons with James.

The Lakers have been through it all with LeBron James

Sacramento Kings vs. LA Lakers
Sacramento Kings vs. LA Lakers

James’ time with the Lakers has been quite a journey.

Starting in its freshman season, Los Angeles sat out the playoffs in 2018-19 as James suffered a groin injury that sidelined him for most of the season.

The following season, however, they had incredible success. In Anthony Davis’ freshman year in Los Angeles, he helped James win the Lakers’ 17th banner.

But they couldn’t take advantage of it. The following season they lost to the Phoenix Suns in the first round. Because of this, they revamped their roster to try and make things work with a different lineup.

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It proved to be a tough transition after trading for Russell Westbrook in an attempt to form a Big Three. Additionally, they signed several veterans on one-year contracts to complete their aging super team. The experiment resulted in a 33-49 disaster.

The Lakers were able to get the success they wanted with James. However, few thought they would also experience all of the lows during James’ four years in Los Angeles.

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