Wilson’s trade could turn out to be the biggest robbery of an organization in the history of modern sport


Some people have asked me: what is your obsession with Russell Wilson and the Denver Broncos?

While the simple answer is that their demise this season equates to a brighter future for the Seahawks, it actually means a little more than that.

Most people now understand: The Seahawks hold Denver’s first- and second-round picks in next year’s NFL Draft. The worse the Broncos are this year, the better Seattle’s draft position will be. So yeah, it’s more than sour grapes and the inability to “recover” from a decade-long relationship with a longtime franchise quarterback who’s worked his way out of town.

But personally, I don’t want the Seahawks to just be the “winners” of this trade. I want history to show that they absolutely wiped out the other side – the Broncos in this case.

SEATTLE, WASHINGTON – SEPTEMBER 12: Seattle Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll (L) and Denver Broncos Russell Wilson #3 shake hands after the Seahawks defeated the Broncos 17-16 at Lumen Field on September 12 September 2022 in Seattle, Washington. (Photo by Steph Chambers/Getty Images)

I mean, it was the biggest move in franchise history. And it was also going to be an assessment of which side was actually correct in the long-term willpower test between Pete Carroll and Russell Wilson. Popular opinion for years was that Wilson was the one held back by an outdated offensive philosophy. Very few fans thought Carroll was doing his best to protect an aging quarterback who was past his prime and missing a number of single reads.

So far, though the sample set is incredibly small, early feedback favors Carroll and the Seahawks in a landslide.

Not only does Russell Wilson rank in the bottom third of starting quarterbacks in completion percentage and quarterback rating in his first six games, but he is now struggling with a partially torn hamstring that has held him down. out of this week’s game and could force him to miss more time. Geno Smith is first in completion percentage, third in passer rating and top ten in touchdown passes.

Takeaways from the Seahawks’ 37-23 win over the Chargers

Ken Walker III is the latest rookie to shine for the Seahawks with a 2 TD performance and the defense confirmed their step forward from last week with another solid outing against the Chargers in a 37-23 win. Take away food :

Do me a favor for a minute: we all know that nothing in life is free.

But so far, it’s kind of like that.

By trading Wilson, the Seahawks saved $11 million off the salary cap this year and saved $27 million off the cap next season. With Denver’s first- and second-round picks this year, they got their left tackle of the future, Charles Cross, and defensive end Boye Mafe. They get a first- and second-round pick from Denver next year. They have Noah Fant and Shelby Harris. They also drafted prospects Tyreke Smith and Dareke Young from the fifth-round picks they got from Denver last year.

I mean, thanks to the way Geno Smith plays, Drew Lock ends up being an afterthought with that kind of loot!

Contrast that with Denver, which just gave Wilson a brand new contract. Not only will they spend nearly a combined $113 million of their salary cap on Wilson over the next three seasons, but look how much it would cost them in dead money over the cap if they wanted to cut ties with him: $107 million. dollars next year, 85 million in 2024, 49.6 million in 2025. They have clearly made their bed.

Again, the fact that the Seahawks are 4-3 and the Broncos are 2-5 this season is just the icing on the cake. It’s about the future.

And so far, this trade has been the biggest theft of an organization that I can remember in modern sports history.

We can only hope that we are still saying this in five to ten years.


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