women’s volleyball club prepares for the Maverick Invitational | Intramural and club sports


The women’s volleyball club won first place at Baylor University’s Silver Bracket last weekend and are now gearing up for the upcoming Maverick Invitational.

Elizabeth Bartelson, club president and head of publicity, said the team has been very dedicated this semester. He trains every Sunday to prepare for the Maverick Invitational on October 13.

“We have a big group of girls this semester and we’re working hard every practice and we’re dedicated to what we’re trying to do with such a short amount of time to train,” she said.

UTA is home to 22 sports clubs ranging from volleyball to bass fishing. UTA Volleyball is the only sports club that also has an NCAA college level team. There are differences between them; one of the most important is the time commitment.

“Playing at the college level is like a job,” Bartelson said. “The rules of the game are different, and traveling and training all the time doesn’t give you any free time.”

“Playing in a sports club is different to the point where there is a lot more free time because all the players have studies, full-time jobs and so on, and we travel on weekends so that our players don’t. not miss school because of that, ”Bartelson said.

The Maverick Invitational tournament takes place at the Maverick Activities Center and pits UTA ​​against teams like Texas A&M, Baylor and Louisiana State University.

“Texas A&M will probably be our biggest competitor,” Bartelson said. “They are playing very well and have won first in a few tournaments so they are the team to beat.”

The women’s volleyball club team is a member of the Southern Intercollegiate Volleyball Association and participates in four tournaments each semester. The Maverick Invitational is second on the program.

“All the teams in the association talk to each other via email about the various tournaments going on and who can show up, do,” Bartelson said.

Club secretary Jade Norwid said Campus Recreation has played an important role in recruiting and getting people to play for the club.

“Stephanie McAlpine has been very helpful with us in raising money through fundraising and recruiting girls through MavsOrgs, and has helped bring this club back to where it was,” Norwid said.

McAlpine, deputy director of aquatics and sports clubs, said the goal of club sports is more important off the pitch than on the pitch.

“The two goals of sports clubs are more student development and representation and competition for the UTA at the national level,” said McAlpine. “Basically, they’re running a small business to learn things like planning events and managing small groups helps them in the real world.”

One example is the Maverick Invitational, put together by Bartelson and the rest of the sports club executives. They plan who would attend, what the support will look like and communicate to the other teams at the club what would happen in the fall semester, as the offseason is in the spring.

“The only thing I’ve learned from being in a sports club is time management. Bartelson said. “Planning events and making sure everyone is prepared and their papers are in order will help me in the future. “

Norwid, a transfer from Mary Hardin-Baylor, said she was very competitive against teams such as UT Austin and Texas A&M. UTA is often overlooked in large schools, she said.

“They always neglect us like we can’t play,” Norwid said. “I remember when we played Texas State in a tournament, and we beat them. So we can prove that we can hang around with these great schools. “


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