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By Joey Aguilar / journalist

Qatar Extreme Sports (QES) expects at least 100 participants for its “Skateboard and BMX Championship” May 21-23 at Aspire Zone (near the Dome).
QES founder Farhan al-Sayed told the Gulf Times that the competition was part of their efforts to popularize extreme sports and cycling in the country.
“We have a lot of very enthusiastic and hard-working BMX skateboarders and riders who train regularly,” he said. “We also had a lot of newcomers from different countries who joined us this year and will join our event. “
Championship categories include Best Race, Game of SKATE, and Highest Skateboarding ollie, while Best Race, Game of BIKES, and Best Bunny Hop will be up for grabs for BMX bike competition.
Al-Sayed noted that there is growing enthusiasm and interest among young people in Qatar to engage in unique and exciting sports activities and competitions such as skateboarding and BMX.
When asked if the summer season will slow their events down, he said the players and enthusiasts have worked hard and are very active all year round.
QES welcomes anyone interested in joining the competition which officially kicks off on May 22. Thursday will be a training session, according to al-Sayed.
Players can register either at the Quicksilver stores at Villaggio Mall or City Center Doha or at Metropolis at Mega Mart or The Center.
“Skateboarders and BMX cyclists are booming in Qatar and most sports shops sell more skateboards and BMX bikes,” al-Sayed said.
QES members are currently practicing in a number of temporary locations in the Aspire area, Katara – the Culture Village and the Qatar Foundation, among others.
“I hope Aspire Zone has a plan to build a skate park soon. Beginners will be welcome during the event and we will be happy to give some useful tips for practicing skateboarding and BMX cycling as their sport”, a- he added.
In previous events, skateboarders and BMX cyclists in Qatar had captivated spectators with their breathtaking stunts and unique performances on concrete steps and bike ramps.
Al-Sayed urged young people in Qatar to join them in their training sessions which are regularly advertised on the QES Facebook page.
“These sports will take children away from the gadgets that have become an important part of their lives,” he said. “It will help them lead healthy lives since skateboarding and BMX are considered cardio sports. “

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